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Paul E's Top 5 Miami Taco Spots

Orale! A lot of people have their top 5 so I might as well make my own for Cinco de Mayo Holmes. Check out my list for (what I think) are the best Taco Spots in Miami!

Had to add my 6th man award to this top 5! The hottest food truck in Kendall and they make some insane tacos! The pizzadilla is on another level of insane! Good luck trying to beat the crowd but let me tell you.. it’s worth the wait!

Not your traditional taco spot, we call it El Taqueria del barrio! Located in Alex Rodriguez hood.. KENDALL (stand up!) here you will be met with plenty of that Kendall latin culture which makes this such a great place! Get your tacos done any style, which any protein (that they offer) and if you’re not full.. try the croqueta de Madura (🔥🔥🔥🔥)

Located in downtown Miami, if you’re looking for nothing but birria, you came to the right place! Birria Tacos, Birria Ramen, even a Birria burger! If you you’re trying to be fancy, get the bone marrow birria 🤤🔥..Beat the crowd by ordering your tacos for pickup or slide next door to Tacos El Porky (same owners) for a quick Al Pastor fix while you wait for some birria!

On 8th street and 62 you can find No Manches. shout out to the instagram algorithms for sending me to this spot. When the birria craze started they were one of the first to offer the tacos with a side of broth and I never looked back! Try the Tacos No Manches and The QuesaTacos amongst other things !

Located on 68th and Flagler, I’ve been championing this spot for a few years already, since I’m Mexican (Salvadoran) it’s one of the few spots that nail the OTHER types of toppings for tacos (Lengua, Buche, Cachete to name a few.. 🔥🔥🔥) also it’s open LATE!

Popping up at various locations during the week (@thewolfoftacos) my opinion but dude makes the best tacos I’ve had in town. Stuffs them with protein from el trompo.. honestly it can’t get any better than wolf of tacos.. this is NOT an ad BUT.. I’m willing to talk 👀

And there you have it.. these are my top spots (the list always changes monthly) and if you don’t like my top 5… make your own and tag me in it…let’s see what spots YOU like!

If you enjoyed this delicious food content then make sure to check out my vlog series and Pop-Up Parties where I mix food, music, and good vibes all into one!

Happy Cinco De Mayo homies!

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