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 We can’t believe we’ve reached 300 episodes. We wouldn’t have been able to do it with all the guest DJs, listeners, supporters, friends, family, and everyone else in between. We truly appreciate everyone who’s shown love and been a part of Rockwell Radio! We're excited to continue to build and grow the platform.

It’s only right we brought on a special guest for number 300. This week we have the one and only Jake Shore! Jake is a super-talented DJ and producer coming out of Chicago. We’ve been following his career for a while and it’s awesome to see his journey and where he is today. He’s been putting out some big remixes and has had his tracks supported by artists like Diplo, Fisher, and Acraze. Give him a follow on social media @itsjakeahore and keep an eye out for him. Listen to the full episode below!

This episode of Rockwell Radio is sponsored by Hey, Hei!

Big thanks to @drinkheyhei for sponsoring our 300th episode and our featured mixes for the month! 🙌🙌 Hey, Hei is the newest canned gin cocktail with simple ingredients sweeping Miami! Made with real fruit juice, unique real gin flavor profiles, and seltzer 🌴🌴🌴🌴

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