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Wasted Years: Miami's All Rock Party

Latin-inspired parties, big-room hip-hop, and underground house music are trademarks of Miami nightlife...but something new is emerging. dj.illicit and j_dwarzski have set out to inject some rock 'n' roll energy into the city's party scene. Their local rock-inspired party, featuring the best in rock, goth, punk, and classics, has been gaining a devoted following and is becoming a must-attend event for serious rock enthusiasts in the Magic City.

From Turntables to Guitar Riffs

Illicit teamed up with fellow rock lover, Jason to start a new concept that could bring something new to Miami's nightlife. They envisioned a party that would not only pay homage to the rock genre but also celebrate its evolution into goth, punk, and classic rock. And so, "Wasted Years" was born.

Wasted Years finds it's home every month inside Blackbird Ordinary where the dancefloor is transformed into a 90's -inspired hang where smartphones don't exist and everyone is invited to let loose and rage.

Photos by @RadSkillz

What we love about Wasted Years is its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Wasted Years is creating a community where rock enthusiasts from all walks of life come together to celebrate their love for the genre and have a head-banging time.

Photos by @lexshootsphotos

By infusing the city with the spirit of rock, goth, punk, and classics, Wasted Year is creating a unique and unforgettable experience for music lovers. So, if you find yourself wondering where you can hear some Limp Bizkit, Slip Knot, Green Day, and Guns N Roses all in one night, make sure to check out Wasted Years – the best party in town for rock enthusiasts and those looking to experience something truly special in the Miami nightlife scene.

Check out the next installment of Wasted Years at Blackbird on Monday, October 6th, 2023.

Ain't it funny how it is? You never miss it til' it's gone away

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