What We Do

Rockwell Talent is a full-fledged talent and booking agency with over 15 years

of experience in the nightlife and hospitality industry.

Talent Management

Nowadays being a DJ requires much more than just mixing records. We provide a full staff with years of experience to make sure our DJs are prepared and staying ahead in a fast paced industry. From a full scale media department to on hands booking agents, we have it all covered so that the talent can go back to doing just that, focusing on their talent & craft.

Music Programming

We represent top DJs and artists, collaborating alongside your team in order to curate a special experience to your already unique venue. We are here to lend our decades of experience in order to simplify your DJ and entertainment needs, by providing consistency amongst music week after week.

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Events & Activations

We collaborate alongside your team in order to curate a special experience to your  already unique venue. Our goal is to connect our audiences while simultaneously complimenting a selective night for special events. 

Career Development

We've all made mistakes and learned through experience. So we know how important it is to have the right team around to help guide and support DJ's at the early stages of their career. Our up and coming talent of DJs have the full agency at their disposal to ensure they continue on the path to success.