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 DJ ZEA, a Miami native is no stranger to the DJ game. ZEA was one of the youngest DJs on the South Beach circuit, spinning at some of the more notable venues before he was old enough to buy a drink. A lifetime dedication to  DJing and creating memorable experiences has transformed into a passion that goes far beyond mixing records. ZEA is a multi-talented DJ, creator, entrepreneur, and doer on a relentless pursuit to cultivate creativity. Over the last decade, he has grown accustomed to the big stage, bringing his originality to Miami’s premier hot spots as well as various venues across the country.   You can now find him on his own dedicated platform through his podcast; M.I.A. Radio featuring weekly mixes and interviews spanning to an increasingly growing audience worldwide. ZEA has continued to thrive, establishing his name throughout the nightlife industry and spreading his talents to dance floors all over

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