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5 Ways to Stay Booked as a DJ

Being a DJ can be one of the most fun and rewarding jobs but can also be challenging to build a steady stream of gigs. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned veteran, here are five tips to help you stay booked as a DJ this year:

1. Network, network, network

The DJ world is all about who you know, but even more importantly, who knows you. So, make sure you're building relationships inside and outside the club. Attend industry events, join DJ groups, support your friends, interact with the community, and don't be afraid to reach out to people you admire and ask for advice.

2. Build a strong online presence

Having a professional website and proper social media accounts can help you showcase your brand and make it easy for people to see what you're about. Make sure your website is up to par and your social media shows what type of DJ you are. Use your social media to share new mixes, streams, recaps, and upcoming gigs. Provide as much value with your content as you can and don't be afraid to document your own unique journey in this crazy DJ world. Remember it's not about where you currently are in your career, because no matter where you are in your career, it can always help someone who is on the step before.

3. Be Versatile

Being versatile and having the ability to adapt on the fly is an invaluable skill. The more genres of music you can play, the more gigs you'll be able to book. Try to keep a wide range of music in your arsenal and don't be afraid to take on a gig that's a little outside your comfort zone. You never know what doors can open from certain opportunities.

4. Be Professional

Once you've landed a gig, it's important to show up on time, be prepared, and give it your all.

Playing music is the fun part, it's the stuff no one sees that can make a difference. Take the time to introduce yourself to the staff; from the bathroom attendants to the bartenders...treat everyone with never know who will be in a future position to help. Drinking can be a part of the night but don't let it become your focus. Building a reputation as a reliable and professional DJ can sometimes take you further than just your skills.

5. Keep Learning

This industry is constantly evolving, and the best DJs are always learning and growing. Stay up-to-date on new music and technology, and take the time to experiment and try new things. When you're on the stage, show off your skills but also, be open to suggestions and feedback. Don't let your ego get in the way of your success. The more skills you can acquire within the industry, the more value you'll be to leverage down the line.

Remember, building a career as a DJ takes time and persistence, but if you're passionate about it and put in the work, you can make it happen!

Don't forget to have fun and enjoy the moments!

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