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DJ illicit's Top 5 Late Night Munch Spots in Miami (4/20 Edition)

5. Mary's Cafe

Mary’s Cafe is good at any time of the day, but nothing compares to a simple pan con bistec between the hours of 3-5am!

4. La Sandwicherie

This is a miami staple! Every DJ i know has ended up here sometime after a gig..

3. Montes De Oca

You either love or hate this pizza. There’s no in between. I am cuban, hungry and it’s late. This is definitely going to hit the spot.

2. Moshi Moshi

Everyone I know likes Moshi Moshi. First time I ever ate here was at 2am on a random Tuesday night. One of the few late night Sushi spots!

1. Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill

I had to save the best for last. This is THE Miami late night/all day spot, for years. #1, Miami full time baaaaby. Let’s go Flannys!

Check out my 4/20 mix for the good vibes while enjoying some of these fine dining establishments :)


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