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Do you still get nervous at your gigs?

Yes, I do. Sometimes.... As I've gotten older I realized that these nerves are a good thing. It means I still care and that I still want the best possible outcome for the night. Not just for myself...but for the staff, guest, owners, bathroom attendants, and everyone else in between. I understand I am an intricate part in the success of the night and that there is a certain responsibility DJs carry in making sure they do their job right.

When you've conditioned yourself to a certain routine for years, DJing may seem like second nature. If I don't feel at least a little bit of nerves.....then to me, it means I'm too comfortable. And when you're too comfortable or too relaxed, mistakes happen. So I always make sure to take a breathe and ask myself before every gig...."Have I done everything needed to make sure tonight is a success?" If there answer is no, then I know I got some homework to do.

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