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Don't Forget to Disconnect

DJs don’t forget to “disconnect”

We work in a very VERY rough industry. From the hours/late nights, shady people, shitty patrons, everyday curve balls, bad business and of course what no one wants to talk about. The vices/temptations this industry brings.

Everyone has their own vice/addiction. It can be liquor, drugs, women/men, adtaully djing, the feedback/crowd response, the hustle, etc. I’m still obsessed with djing like I was 20 years ago, but I’ve learned to clock out. Separate myself from the career.

This problems happens when you do what you love for a living, so constantly tapping in feels natural, but you need to set boundries, give yourself and the people around you that time.

For years I couldn’t tell you what I liked to do for fun, because all i did was anything dj related. My friends would come see me at work and based everything around “DJ KA5” and forgot about Rodrigo. I looked for material things and false narratives to feel fulfilled and found nothing.

Disconnect and find the things that really fulfill your soul, work on yourself not your brand.

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