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My Favorite DJ Moments

I don’t know if I have too much weight on the moments of my career. In my mind I was always working towards more and trying to find a way to achieve a higher level. However there are milestones that stick out in my mind which means that I probably give them more weight than a regular Friday night any other time in any other place. One of my favorite DJ moments has to be playing in Las Vegas. The first night that I played at Hyde inside of the Bellagio, I was greeted by the host. The host proceeded to give me a speech on how I should not feel bad if they pull me from headlining because there’s been a lot of DJs that have recently failed at playing the room properly. I thought this was a hilarious “peptalk“ because giving someone anxiety right before they’re supposed to perform is likely not the best idea. Especially, if you want them to do a good job.

Now I’ve always been pretty confident in my ability to play a room so his pregame speech did nothing to me. Actually, it did do something, it gave me even more fuel to prove him wrong. So that night on the line I had: Vegas residency, opportunities in a new city, the chance to prove the host wrong, and a shot to rock a room in Vegas. That night we closed after 5 AM and I was told I was the first to ever do that, the club had only been open for six months though. None the less, I got my Vegas residency, and for the next eight years, I would be playing at Hyde inside of the Bellagio 2 to 3 times a month, it was my longest running residency.

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