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Rockwell Moments: 3:59 AM in Miami

We started off late and ended late! Thanks to the Brightline express we were able to make the rounds to Ft. Lauderdale and back down to Miami all the way into the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes you forget how much you can do in one night! We hit the road around midnight and made out way to The Angeles in Ft. Lauderdale first. Check it out!

The Angeles

DJ Dexes

1:15 AM and it's time to visit DJ Konflikt at Rhythm + Vine where we enjoyed a couple of brews while singling along to some classics!

Rhythm + Vine

DJ Konflikt

We hit the road back down to Miami where we stopped at the Wharf Miami. It was 2:20 AM but it looked like DJ Emkay was just getting warmed up.

DJ Emkay

No night would be complete without a stop at our favorite late night spot Blackbird Ordinary!

3:59 AM and DJ Zilla was still holding down the dancefloor in the inside room like nobody's business.

DJ Zilla

Zilla and Bryan H.

It's 4 AM and officially past our curfew....time to hit Mary's for a Pan Con Bistec and call it a night.

See you next time!

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