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Rockwell Talent brings its entertainment expertise to Ft. Lauderdale

For almost two years Rockwell Talent has had the privilege of overseeing all entertainment programming responsibilities for Knallhart Management Group.

Throughout our time working alongside Knallhart, we have been able to provide a streamlined and professional booking experience for their unique venues using our years of experience booking talent in South Florida and beyond.

Below you will find how we were able to raise the standard and deliver results!

Top Tier Programming:

We systematically program and manage the DJ and entertainment for the various unique spaces. Additional responsibilities include maintaining and servicing sound, DJ, and lighting equipment, coordinating production for large-scale events, and providing weekly feedback on ways to improve the overall vibe while staying consistent with each venue’s identity.

Talent Buying & Bookings:

We have the pleasure of working with a diverse mix of extremely talented DJs, Musicians, and entertainers as well as securing big-ticket acts for special events.

We‘ve effectively sourced, negotiated, and secured the desired talent for special events and block parties. We coordinated and booked all talent for events that included multiple acts plus main headliners such as Craze, A-Trak, Four Color Zack!

"Working with Knallhart which has so many venue concepts that are nothing alike has allowed me to explore with different visions, while pairing the right talent for them. One musician might be great for one venue, but doesn't fit any other of their venues. Although this has made things a bit more challenging, it has also been alot of fun working with such a long list of talented people. I look forward to 2024, where there will be new venues opening, more great talent booked, and some really big names coming down to South Florida because of it." - Bryan Herrera (Ceo/Founder - Rockwell Talent)

The Results:

We successfully streamlined and simplified the entire booking process for both the venues and talent.

As a result, general Managers are happy because they can focus on their strengths and managing the venue.

DJs and talent are happy because the booking process is simple, seamless, and organized.. Allowing them to show up and do their job to the best of their abilities.

Finally, ownership is happy because we’ve saved time and money, resulting in an increase in bottom-line revenue.


“Working with Rockwell has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure! We have never had any issues that cannot be handled by Bryan. Everything is on point from the booking process to the DJs that are staffed and curate the perfect vibe for all of our venues. I cannot recommend Rockwell Talent enough. They are beyond professional and always get the job done." - Ruby Stephan ( Chief Operating Officer - Knallhart Group)

Looking Forward:

We're excited to continue our growing partnership and tackle new projects in 2024 including the all-new Marina Village Waterfront space that will be host to exciting events and entertainment daily!

About Knallhart Management Group:

Knallhart Management Group is a Florida-based hospitality and lifestyle company with a diverse portfolio of nightlife & restaurant venues. Our mission is to be the most interesting & guest-centric hospitality group where consumers can expect a special experience & staff feels fulfilled providing it.

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