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Choose your DJ plan

Wired Sound Special Enrollment

  • Bedroom DJ (Beginner)

    Perfect for beginners that need the necessary tools & industry insight to secure first booking
    • One on One Consultation
    • Brand Audit
    • DJ Logo
    • Preparation for bookings
  • Club DJ (Intermediate)

    Ready to rock! Get equipped with the right tools and insight to advance your career
    • One on One Consultation
    • Brand Audit
    • DJ Logo
    • Press Kit
    • Shadow working DJs
    • Mix Preparation
    • Rockwell Radio Featured Mix
    • Booking Opportunities

What we provide

One on One Consultation

Sit down with our entire team of industry experts to break down and asses your goals as a DJ. From marketing to securing a booking, we will utilize our years of experience to set you on the right path.

Brand Audit

Your brand is redefined. Sometimes you need an objective perspective in order to see what's working and what has to go. We work alongside you to create a clear and detailed plan that suits your needs and work towards elevating you as a respected brand. 

Logo + Presskit

Every DJ and brand should always leave an impression. Your logo and press kit should be a reflection of that. Our design team will create your first logo or Press Kit that has become a standard in the industry. 

Shadow a Working DJ

It's time to venture out into the field! Get connected with an established local working DJ and shadow them on their gig from start to finish. Learn the ins and outs of the game that go beyond the decks. 

Mix Preparation + Featured Mix

Showcase your skills. We'll guide you through the proper steps of recording an official mix for release. Watch the step-by-step process with a live recording session to prepare you for a featured mix on Rockwell Radio!

Booking Opportunities

You're ready to rock! It's time to put the knowledge and tools you acquired to the test. Once you're ready, we'll book you with one of our veteran DJs for an official gig that fits your brand.

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