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With both Cuban & Swiss heritage to draw from, Emkay has a wide range of musical knowledge at his disposal when crafting his sets. Having spent his early years between Egypt, Anguilla, and eventually Miami, this diverse individual shows he is well-traveled by blending genres in a unique way every time he plays. Beginning his career at the age of 15, he landed a weekly residency within a couple of years and became a South Beach regular shortly thereafter.  Fast forward to the present day, Emkay maintains his hold on the local scene - keeping a full calendar that covers everything from high-end bottle service clubs to the locals-only spots around the city. He’s passionate about what he does and takes pride in creating a memorable experience every time you hear him live.



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E11even (Miami)

Genesis (Dominican Republic)

Mariel Underground (Boston)

Barstool (Nashville)

Sax (Washington DC)