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We know it’s not easy when you’re managing multiple venues, staff, DJs, customers, invoices, and the list goes on. With over 15 years of experience, we've helped venues and bookers streamline and simplify their booking process so they can focus on running their businesses. See how we've helped raise the bar and worked alongside other companies in our industry.

DJs entertainment south florida

What We Do

   Organization  |  Simplicity  |  Communication  |  Consistency   




Curate and streamline your venue's booking process for all entertainment, while overseeing and booking your entire programming schedule in advance, to assure the best options within your venue's budget.




Create expectations, procedures, and proper music direction so that your talent is always on the same page with your vision and able to create consistency amongst all entertainers.


Calendar & Scheduling

Centralized calendar system for simplicity with all staff & general managers to assure we are always on the same page.




Work within your accounting system or create an accounting system to simplify and streamline your entertainment payments. 




Our team becomes the point of contact for all your entertainment communication between you, the venue, and the talent. 

Weekly reminders and emails sent out to the talent and staff regarding bookings, equipment specs, marketing materials, and all other updates.




Executing account audits to make sure everything is kept up to date and consistent with the venue's guidelines.

Case Studies

Anchor CS
DJ entertainment Suuth FLorida

Management Group


Knallhart Management Group is a Florida-based hospitality and lifestyle company with a diverse portfolio of nightlife & restaurant venues.
We are responsible for managing and programming DJ and entertainment for the various unique spaces. Additional responsibilities include maintaining and servicing of sound, DJ, and lighting equipment, coordinating production for large-scale events, and providing weekly feedback on ways to improve the overall vibes.


•  Palm Room

•  Rhythm & Vine

•  The Wilder

•  Holly Blue

•  Roxanne's


•  Entertainment Director

•  Production Management

•  Equipment Management

•  Entertainment Programming

•  Playlist Management

"Working with Rockwell has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure! We have never had any issues that cannot be handled by Bryan. Everything is on point from the booking process to the DJs that are staffed and curate the perfect vibe for all of our venues. I cannot recommend Rockwell Talent enough. They are beyond professional and always get the job done."

- Ruby Stephan (Director of Operations)

DJ entertainment Suuth Florida


Breakwater Hospitality Group is a multi-concept food and beverage organization with venues spanning  30,000 sq ft to intimate restaurants.

We are responsible for managing the availability and scheduling specific days and shifts of their booking calendar. It is imperative to make sure the music experience throughout each venue caters to it’s specific audience from happy hour into late night.


•  The Wharf Miami
•  The Wharf FTL

•  Carousel Club

•  John Martin's

•  Regatta


• Managing & scheduling
   DJ and musician rotations
• Curating Music Guidelines

"We have been working closely with Rockwell for the better part of 5 years and have had nothing but positive experiences to share. Bryan and his roster of DJs are top-notch and extremely reliable. I can’t recommend them enough!"  - Breakwater Hospitality Ownership

DJ entertainment Suuth FLorida

SP Hospitality

SP Hospitality Group is a global hospitality group dedicated to providing the world with unique lifestyle concepts. With it’s unique Miami and Latin roots, our goal is to ensure the DJ and music direction stays on brand throughout each venue for a consistent experience


•  Copper 29
•  Calle 23


• Managing & scheduling resident DJ rotations

•  Curating Music Guidelines

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