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Friday Feature: Lucca Savi

Miami-based DJ and Producer, Lucca "Savi" Saviello, is transforming the South Florida community by creating a captivating blend of Hip-Hop, Baile Funk, and Reggaeton combined with elements of Guaracha, Dembow, EDM, and Afrobeats. Well-known for his live performances, Lucca Savi radiates his exploration and plethora of cultures through his live chemistry. Listen to his full set for Episode 302 of Rockwell Radio below!

You can stream his latest single "Suave" on all platforms.

This episode of Rockwell Radio is sponsored by Hey, Hei!

Big thanks to @drinkheyhei for sponsoring our 300th episode and our featured mixes for the month! 🙌🙌 Hey, Hei is the newest canned gin cocktail with simple ingredients sweeping Miami! Made with real fruit juice, unique real gin flavor profiles, and seltzer 🌴🌴🌴🌴

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