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M.I.A. Radio 100th Episode w/ DJ EFN

On this episode, KA5 & ZEA sit down with the one and only DJ EFN @whoscrazy! EFN talks about how he got started in the Miami scene at an early age as a fan. He explains how he was able to pave a lane locally by creating mixtapes inspired by Miami and contributing to the scene. He speaks on the inception of @officialcrazyhood and how they were able to evolve into creating visual content and their first independent film "Coming Home" with @garciasworld. He shares how he and @therealnoreaga linked up and @drinkschamps was born. They talk about how the podcast has evolved from its beginning and the impact it's had on Hip-hop culture. He also tells us about his different upcoming projects and how to KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!!!

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